Some Interesting Information About “Bingo”

One of the most popular lotteries is “Bingo”. And today we will tell you a little bit about it. It is very profitable for the governments of the countries that organize it. So what is the goal of it? You should collect figures on series of cards as quickly as possible. If you do it you will be a winner. Each ball has its digit from one to seventy-six. Many people come to a large hall to participate in the lottery.

History of “Bingo”
It is believed that the ancestor of today’s Lottery “Bingo” was the Italian game. It was created in the thirtieth year of the sixteenth century and was very popular in Italy.

Rules of the Game
Usually many people come to take part in the game. That is why it is usually held in large halls. Each player has to buy a card with numbers. Each card has five columns and five rows. The sign “Bingo” is above and each column has a letter for example, the first column – B, second – i and so on.

The game also has lototron and balls with numbers. Lototron moves the balls with the numbers. When necessary the shutter opens and a ball rolls on lototron.

The game starts when all the players have bought their cards. There is a committee of one or more people which checks the balls and throws them into the lototron. The lototron twists and balls are shuffled. The commission stops the lototron and opens the gate. Five balls with numbers roll from there. The process is repeated until one of the players fills the first row. Then he raises his hand up and cries ‘Bingo”. He is a winner now. People enjoy winning but most of all they enjoy the excitement of the game.

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